Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well it is getting pretty close to Christmas and we are tying up the loose ends so that we will be ready for Santa. Sophi and Gabe are really excited to open up their presents, in fact, Sophi has asked us about a million times if it was Christmas yet. We are trying to teach the kids about Jesus and the true meaning of it all. I think they understand, well at least Sophi, but right now, Christmas is a tree with presents under it and Jesus' birth and giving, is something else completely different. They will get it some day...Speaking of Jesus and giving, Sophi just had a preschool performance and it was probably the cutest thing that she has done in her life up until now. It is kind of long, but totally worth it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Go Cougars

I am so excited about listening to the BYU-Utah game on the internet this year. I can't wait. I am so glad that the mountain has decided to hold on to the rights to this game. It just blows my mind that the biggest game of the year for the mountain west conference is staying local. That is a great way to get the MWC the recognition it needs. I don't think I have ever watched a boring BYU-Utah game, and I am sure this one will be no different. Especially with so much riding on it. I hope BYU destroys them and their shot at a bcs bowl. But if Utah does win, how awesome for the MWC. Good call mountain! Go Cougs!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Sophi was dressed up like a little Indian princess after preschool yesterday. I went to pick her up and was pleasantly surprised by her cute little outfit. I guess they had a thanksgiving feast at school, some kids dressed up like pilgrims and others like Indians.

Friday, October 31, 2008


My little lion and sparkly fairy had a great time getting candy tonight. They were both so dang cute. Sophi was in the same outfit that she wore for the ward party, but Gabe was tricked into wearing a lion costume. I had to put it on while he was watching peter pan. As soon as it was over he realized what happened and only cried/didn't like it for an hour. By the end of the night he was growling and everything. We went over to Megan and Colby's house for some chips, salsa, and fun. Then, we hit the streets. Here are some pics of the fiesta...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party

My little Sophi was dressed up like a fairy and Gabey was super man, or as Gabey would say, "star man". You will have to see him say it. I laugh my head off every time he says it. I will get him saying it and put it on.

Check out these curls, he wasn't very happy, but he looked so cute.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sophi's first day of preschool...and 2nd

My sweet little baby started preschool this week and she loved it. I posted her first and second days because I thought she just looked so cute. She was so excited to go. When I picked her up from school the first thing she said to me was, "Mommy I had fun". She is doing so great and i'm so glad that she's happy. It was crazy to see her walk into class that first day. I mean, wasn't she just born. Should I still be nursing her, she's my baby.(just kidding) I know this sounds so cliche, but they really do grow up too fast. I could hardly keep from bawling when I drove away from her school. I called my Daddy after I dropped her off to see if he had any words of wisdom for me. He started to tell me how he remembered taking me to the little Lutheran preschool in Biloxi. That didn't make me feel much better. Anyway, she is really enjoying it so far and I guess I can handle being away from her a few hours a week.


This past weekend we went to Austin with some friends. We had a blast and officially love Austin. I wish we could move there. Best of all, we were able to meet Mary and James there. It was so good to see them and I can't wait for the day when we all live by each other again. Here are some pictures of us. Donny was able to go to the first University of Texas game of the season, which he loved of course. It was fun to just go and hang out. Austin reminds me of Portland, OR. Everybody's so nice and laid back. Maybe we can retire there.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm freakin awesome!

My friend made a tutu for one of her nieces and I decided that I definitely needed to try it. Here's a picture of the almost finished product, minus the ribbon around her neck. Isn't it cute?

Here's a picture of the finished tutu. Sophi has played in this everyday since I made it for her. She loves it and loves for me to take pictures of her princessing around. It only took me a few hours once I figured out what I was doing. (thanks Laurel)It's totally worth it. Mainly i'm just really proud of myself for making it for her. I rarely do stuff like that and during the process I realized that it was really enjoyable. I am going to start doing more inexpensive little projects. I'll have to start slow, because I get overwhelmed easily. It's great to know that I can make something for my children or home, without spending alot of money, and without a butt load of extra time.

Snuggly pictures

Here's one of me and both the little monsters.
Gabey and Daddy love to snuggle. Sophi loves to snuggle, however Gabriel doesn't really like it unless he just woke up from a nap and still has a binky in his mouth. That's the only time we can sneak a cute snuggly picture of him.