Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was so nervous about primary today. I don't know why, but last week was so crazy for me. I've had anxiety all week about it. Then last night I could hardly sleep because I just so badly wanted it to go well. For anyone reading this that doesn't know already, I am the primary chorister in my ward. I've been in for about 3 months now, with a long absence over Christmas. For the most part i've really enjoyed this calling. However, to my surprise, when I returned home from Utah, we had not 4, not 5, but 17 new sunbeams. Yeah, so, that's a lot. Anyway, last week was my first week back after UT, and it was just really stressful for me. I think it was a combination of not doing it for a month, having 17 new sunbeams, (including my sweet little baby who I love to look at all during singing time. she's so big!)and planning something that didn't quite go over as well as I had hoped. So, since I had a bad experience last week, I was just sure that I would be doomed to repeat that. However, after sacrament, as all the little kiddies filed in, I immediately noticed a difference. They were quiet. Like, really quiet. It was weird, but I wasn't convinced yet. We sang our opening song, great! Sang our monthly song, even better. Then it was time for senior primary sharing time. It went wonderfully. I think everyone noticed a huge difference between last week and this week. Then it was my turn. Singing time turned out to be a blast. The kids haven't sang so beautifully for a while. I was so happy. Junior primary was pretty much a repeat of that. Except for a little louder, and a lot more kiddies. I am really hoping that I can be a good chorister. I want to teach them to love the songs. Sometimes it's just so hard to get them to try. I know that's normal, but it's hit or miss every week. I know Heavenly Father heard my prayers this week, and the prayers of our wonderful primary presidency. I pray that more Sundays will be like this one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bandwagon jumping and such...

I'm going to jump right back on the blogging bandwagon. Not going to feel guilty about not blogging for a month. I'm doing it again starting right... now. Anyway, so after my long absence, I would post a jillion Christmas holiday pictures, I would write about my happy holiday. However, just to say that it was fun and good is enough for me right now. I miss my family in Utah, and I miss clean public bathrooms, also Cafe Rio, mountains, snow, my family, free babysitting, and that's pretty much it. I'm realizing now that blogging is more than keeping in touch for me. It's my journal, and I enjoy and miss it. So, the other night Donny and I were watching, The Wedding Singer. I truly love that movie. It's so funny. I laughed and laughed, up until the very end. Ya know, when he sings to her on the plane. Then I cried. I love that song, and it made me feel more tender toward my sweet Donny, who I had been grouchy with all day. I also might add that when Donny picked me up at the airport, I started to cry. Nice welcome huh. Poor Donny. However, I want my sweet Donny to know how much I love him..... and I "wanna grow old with him", hee hee, but seriously, I do. So, I would like to dedicate my first song ,on my newly revamped playlist to my baby.