Friday, October 31, 2008


My little lion and sparkly fairy had a great time getting candy tonight. They were both so dang cute. Sophi was in the same outfit that she wore for the ward party, but Gabe was tricked into wearing a lion costume. I had to put it on while he was watching peter pan. As soon as it was over he realized what happened and only cried/didn't like it for an hour. By the end of the night he was growling and everything. We went over to Megan and Colby's house for some chips, salsa, and fun. Then, we hit the streets. Here are some pics of the fiesta...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party

My little Sophi was dressed up like a fairy and Gabey was super man, or as Gabey would say, "star man". You will have to see him say it. I laugh my head off every time he says it. I will get him saying it and put it on.

Check out these curls, he wasn't very happy, but he looked so cute.