Friday, March 20, 2009

Some more pictures

Here are some pictures that we've taken lately. We really haven't been taking that many, so we need to get crackin, and jump back in the habit. However, better late than never. Mom and Dad, thanks so much for the cars swimming suit for Gabers. I assure you he loves it, even though he looks like a little hood when he wears it. I'm thrilled that I have yet another outfit for him to want to wear every day. There's also some pictures of Sophi all ready for her cowgirl day at preschool and then some of her just being a cute little sunshine, vaseline face. Gotta love the grease. Also, a play day at the pool, first this year. We love the apron that you made her, and she has been much more eager to help Mommy in the kitchen lately. More to come...

Lovin's, need I say more?

Gabe loves his sunglasses!!

Gabey got some new sunglasses. They are special Spiderman sunglasses. He's been so into superheroes lately, thanks Jakey, that most of his attire and accessories have to pertain in some way to one of his favorite superheroes. Such as Superman, his fav, Spiderman, Batman, and of course the token Cars hero, Lightning Mcqueen. I know he isn't a superhero, but Gabe still loves him. Here are some super cute pics of him in his new shades. He really is sleeping in that one pic. lubba bubba