Monday, November 19, 2007

"A Good Mommy"

Today sophi was helping me put laundry in the dryer. She was holding her baby and she said, "I'm a good mommy, I take good care of my baby. Just like you Mommy." Wow, she thinks i'm a good Mommy. I must be doing something right if she says something like that. It made me so happy. It always surprises me how astute she is. She's constantly saying things that shock me. Apparently this is how I was when I was little. I sure do love my babies.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

jakey, mimi, mom, and us

Here are some pictures of my family's visit. Which was so fun by the way and i'm so glad you guys could come. Yay for file folder games!! Luva!

It's been so long...

So, my family came into town the week before last. Ever since then, I haven't had a chance to sit down for a second and post some stuff. Anyway, everything's fine. My cute friend, Aly, was a little worried about her blogging buddy. I'm okay Aly, just been busy. However, I do realize that I need to do this almost every day. Especially since now i'm using it as kind of a journal, not just a blog for other people to look at. It's for me, and my kids, and their kids. I have been so stressed out lately about doing everything that needs to be done, that I don't know what i've been doing. I told donny last night that sometimes when I look around I wonder what i've done all day. But, somehow, despite what it may seem, I am always busy doing something. Did anyone see the movie "Dan in real life"? It is such a beautiful movie, and ever since I saw it i've been all teary eyed and weepy. I would encourage all of you too see it. It touched my heart and helped me to remember what it's really all about. It's all about now. It's not about collecting "things" in life, it's about being able to lay on the floor for an hour and play with your baby. And it's not always about worrying about things like a church calling, or cleaning your bathrooms more, or losing 5 pounds. Really, sometimes it just has to be about feeling happy and content in your life. Whoa, this is pretty intense. But I guess it's just how i'm feeling. Maybe lately i'm just "feeling" alot more than usual.