Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sundays and a few pics of the girlies.

Here are some cute pics of my girls. Izzy is getting so big. She has really been reaching for things lately. Sophi and Gabe think its so great how she puts everything in her mouth. Today me and Izzy took a nursing snuggle nap after church, it was fabulous. Every Sunday after church, I put an appropriate movie on for Sophi and Gabe, and then me and Frizzle take a nap. I know when the movie is over, because the monsters immediately start needing things. (ie; a drink, a snack, to color, attention) That's when we get up. It works out nicely for all of us I think. Donny is at work, so it's just the four of us. Today we went outside and played. It was such a beautiful day today. I love church by the way. We were on time for Sacrament meeting today for the first time in about 3 no, 4 weeks. It felt so good to be there, ready and on time. It was a good day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lots and lots of pictures.

Gabey got a haircut...

But he wasn't very happy about me fixing his cute new do. He hated it especially when I put "girl stuff" in it. I tried to tell him that it was Daddy's special stuff that he puts in his hair, but he wasn't having it. Oh well, ain't he cute?


Don Juan De Marco and Me

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I recently decided that I really need to start writing in my journal again. I used to be so good at it, and since I had the Frizz, life's been...different, but wonderful of course. I love the thought of being able to read about my sweet babies lives, years from today. Even now I love to read old journal entries about how they acted, things they said, how much they weighed at this dr's appt...etc,etc. So I will start with my angel Sophi.

Sophi turned 5 this past November. She weighs 38lbs, and i'm not exactly sure how tall she is. She goes to preschool 3 days a week and loves every second of it. I love that she loves school, because I never did. Her teachers love her and, not to brag, but tell me that she is such a joy. "Everybody loves Sophi." They are always telling me what a good girl she is. Mmmh, music to my ears. Sophi is such a huge help with Izzy and Gabe. She's my little go girl. Always willing to help her Mama. She loves her little sister so much. As she gets older I see how similar and how different we are. She thrives on rules and structure. I would probably thrive on them too, if they were more implemented in my life. That's okay though, cause my lil darlin keeps me in line. Sophi recently started piano lessons, and she is loving it and doing well. She also loves to play with her brother,wrestle with Dad, hold Izzy,sing and make up songs,(she especially loves to devote made up songs to Izzy) play outside, (she would do this all day and all night if I let her. Rain or shine.) dance, talk on the phone to anyone who will talk to her, read books, do "projects", and lots of other things that I just can't think of right now. Sophi is extremely observant of people and situations. It's very interesting to hear her little 5 year old perspective, and she always freely gives it. I cannot believe that my first born will be in kindergarten this next school year. I'm sure that she will love it. I will cry my eyes out.

Ohhh, Gabers. My silly little curly pants. Gabe is 3 and weighs, uh, I think around 34 lbs. Gabriel loves to be with his Mama. I really hope it stays that way too. We do joy school once a week with 3 other little boys that are his age. They are precious and he loves it. It's just perfect for him. I'm so glad we decided to do it this way. He has made some sweet little friendships that wouldn't have come about were it not for his joy school group. He loves to play outside, kick balls, wrestle with his Daddy, try to wrestle with his mom and sister, read books, talk about super heroes, play with super heroes, pretend to be a kitty, ("meemow" is the kitten sound that he's chosen. That's right, he isn't a tiger or a bear, or even a mean doggy, he likes to pretend to be a cute little kitty that says meemow) run around and be a crazy, and hang out with his little buddies. He is a truly hilarious little boy with a tender heart. He takes good care of his sister's and loves to play with Sophi and Izz. Oh, I almost forgot. Gabey likes to make up words. For awhile there he was getting in trouble for saying things like, "poo poo head", "stinky butt", naughty words like that. But he has found a way to get around that, now he says words like, "furner head", "tooky face", "steno head". I can't really get mad at him for saying made up words, can I? He's a funny boy, at least that's what he calls himself. What a gem! We love our Gabergoo.

Isabella our love. That's right, our love. What a wonderful, heavenly, addition, Izzy has been to our family. Izzy was born September 24th, 2009. She is almost 5 months old. She is a perfect little specimen of a baby. Sophi and Gabe were really good babies, so I thought I would for sure have a hellion this time. I was wrong. Izzy is an utter delight. She is a very social baby. Her favorite toys are, in no particular order; Mom, Dad, Sophi, and Gabe. If she is awake, her eyes are wide open. She doesn't sleep all that much. I really think it's because she's afraid she might miss something. She weighs 13 lbs. and 3 oz. and is 24 and 1/8 inch tall. 50th percentile in both. She has rolled over a few times from stomach to back. She loves to look at books and play pat a cake. We love to tickle her because she has such a great little baby laugh. She loathes lying on her stomach. She also doesn't like it when I set her down and then walk away. The Frizz is always ready to play and be held. She loves to nurse and tells me all the time that I really should nurse her much more often. I concur, it is a joy. This third baby has really rocked my world. Donny and I are really enjoying every minute of her baby hood. I definitely see now how quickly time goes by. They are this little for such a short period of time, and I want to try and enjoy every minute of it. I'm sure this is partially due to us being third time parents. Were a little more relaxed now and don't worry as much as we did with the other angels. I am in no hurry for her to get big. There is just something about being around a baby that is soothing to me. Babies are stress relievers. Babies would be good therapy for people in nursing homes or someone recovering from something traumatic. I wish that I could just always have access to one, ya know. And I do, right now, but I won't forever. This is why I have to get all of her yummy baby goodness before it's too late and she grows up.

I love all my babies and feel so blessed to have been chosen to take care of them in this earthly life. They are my treasures from Heaven.