Friday, May 21, 2010

Gabers got a haircut

san antonio and midland 109 He looks so freakin cute. I love to rub his little head. Apparently Gabe had a major freak out when Donny started doing it, but when they were all done he changed his tune. He seems pretty proud of it. I always miss his curls, but i’m sure they’ll grow back.  I think Gabe makes Izzy nervous. She looks kinda nervous in that last picture.  We wanted to get a few of them together since they’re sporting the same hair style now.

san antonio and midland 110 san antonio and midland 111


Kara said...

Ahhh, he looks so old!

Kristin Morris said...

So handsome!! I'm glad you posted so many pictures! They were so fun to look at! I want to kiss all of their faces!!! Can't wait til you guys come here!