Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm freakin awesome!

My friend made a tutu for one of her nieces and I decided that I definitely needed to try it. Here's a picture of the almost finished product, minus the ribbon around her neck. Isn't it cute?

Here's a picture of the finished tutu. Sophi has played in this everyday since I made it for her. She loves it and loves for me to take pictures of her princessing around. It only took me a few hours once I figured out what I was doing. (thanks Laurel)It's totally worth it. Mainly i'm just really proud of myself for making it for her. I rarely do stuff like that and during the process I realized that it was really enjoyable. I am going to start doing more inexpensive little projects. I'll have to start slow, because I get overwhelmed easily. It's great to know that I can make something for my children or home, without spending alot of money, and without a butt load of extra time.

Snuggly pictures

Here's one of me and both the little monsters.
Gabey and Daddy love to snuggle. Sophi loves to snuggle, however Gabriel doesn't really like it unless he just woke up from a nap and still has a binky in his mouth. That's the only time we can sneak a cute snuggly picture of him.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who knew "holy crap" could sound so awful??

Well, when it comes out of your 3 year old's mouth it does. The other day we were just hangin out and Sophi was playing with Gabe. I'm in the other room and all of a sudden I hear her say, "holy crap". Holy crap Sophi what did you just say. I mean, she knew she had said something because when I asked her, "Sophi what did you just say?", She said, "I said nothing Mama". That's pretty suspicious to me. I say that thoughtlessly all the time. I mean, I never really thought she would catch on, but how could she not when it comes flying out of her Mom's mouth all the time. I know it's not that bad, but it just sounds weird coming out of her cute little baby mouth. We talked about how we shouldn't say that because it doesn't sound very nice. I told her that I would try to stop saying it too. So anyway, she's now taken to saying "dang it" instead, which still has a ring to it, but it's not quite as loud if you know what I mean.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who I am, according to Sophinator.

This was on my friend Aly's blog and I thought it was so cute, so I decided to steal the idea for myself. These questions were all answered by my little Sophi.

1.What does Mommy always say to you?
"Like, kissing pretend people, that's funny Mom & Monster Gabriel and Monster Sophi."
I have no idea..., however I do always call them monster's

2.What makes mommy happy?
"not hitting each other, like not playing in your makeup, making my bed like all by
pretty much.

3. How does Mommy make you laugh?"
making funny faces, dancing funny, and singing funny.
I am so good at these.

4. What was mommy like when she was little
"itty bitty, well, I can't remember"

5.How old is Mommy?
"like kind of 4", then she says "no this many" and holds up 10 fingers.
I really thought she would know this one.

6. How tall is mommy?
she holds her arm up above her head and says, "you're kind of like this tall"

7.What does mommy like to do?
play games, making food, visiting our family, sleeping on the couch.
I really don't love to play games.

8.What is something Mommy doesn't like to do.
apparently I like to do everything

9. What does Mommy do for a job?
She holds her hand up to her ear and says, "talk to Sarah's Mommy"

Poor baby, I'm always on the phone.

10.What is mom's favorite food.
"Beef Stroganoff, do you like beef stroganoff, I like some."

This is absolutely not my favorite food, it is hers though

11. What do Mommy and Sophi like to do together?
Going on waves, play castle, we like to play kiss each other."

12. How do you know Mommy loves you?
A million

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sophi and Gabe get haircuts.

So I actually cut Gabe's hair because as cute as it is, it was getting a little mulletesque. So, we trimmed it up a bit. There are only 2 pictures, because while he was stuffing his face was the only time he would sit still long enough for me to get any. Sophi on the other hand, being the ham that she is, was more than happy to pose for as many pictures as I wished. Sophi always has vaseline all over her lips because of her eczema, so please excuse the glossy face. Both of them look so freakin cute I can hardly stand it. That's how I usually feel though.

Gabey turns 2!!

It took me a few weeks to post some pics, but here they are. Nothing fancy, just a Costco cake and a few good friends. I wish there were more pictures, but we were kind of sidetracked. We sure do love our Gabers and are so happy to have him in our family. One day we'll have a great big birthday party for ya buddy, with blow up jumpy things, and pony rides and everything. My sweet Gabriel brings so much joy to our lives. It's wonderful to see his beautiful little personality developing. He brightens my day and I can hardly wait for him to wake up in the morning. In fact, I usually wake him up because I can hardly stand it. I love to kiss and snuggle him. Happy Birthday Gabriel!! Luboo!!

Just some cute ones of the little monster's

I like my babies.

Children's museum!

I just haven't gotten around to posting pics of us when we went to the children's museum at Gateway in Salt Lake City. We had so much fun and we loved the helicopter on the roof. Here's some fun pictures.

I don't know where she gets it??

So my little Sophi bear is always pullin faces. I'll say, "smile Sophi", and she usually looks at me with a face that looks something like this...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aaah, it's been so long...

Whoa Gabey looks a little bit crazy in this picture. In his defense, he was a bit sleepy. This is at an Astros game. Thanks Mike and Layney for the tickets.So I don't know why I stopped doing this, but it seems to be a constant trend in my life. I stop blogging and then I miss it, and feel like i'm missing out on awesome opportunities to document our lives. Plus, it's so cool to be able to see what everyone's up to, I miss knowing what's happening a 1000 miles away. So here I go again, hopefully i'll last a bit longer this time. We got home from a long visit in Utah about 2 months ago, and were happy to be home. Sarah, my little sister, came with me and she just left to go back to Utah. She is sorely missed. We've just been trying to catch up with our buddies since she's been gone. Sophi and Gabe missed playing with their friends, and so did I. As much as we love little Sasa, we are happy to be hangin out again. Here's some recent pics.

My little guy

Everyone that knows Gabe knows that he loves monsters. He talks about "da monstoo" all the time, he talks in a growling monster voice all the time, and his favorite book of all time is "Where the Wild Things Are". It's really funny. Another obsession of his is cars and trucks. It's all about cars. Really his whole vocabulary consists of monster and car words and noises. Whenever he talks on the phone to anyone he has to tell them all about "da cawrs". Recently our friends gave us this big toy truck to borrow for a few days, he's hardly let it out of his sight. The other day we were in the parking lot and all of a sudden we couldn't find Gabe. We called him and started looking around for him. Then a few seconds later we see him trying to climb into this guy's truck. This guy had his passenger door open and Gabe saw it as an opportunity to jump in I guess. Luckily he was nice about it, Gabe was pretty upset when we had to take him away from that big ol truck. How does he know that he's a boy. I never told him.