Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lil' Dancer

There are so many hard things about being a parent, so many things that are just so, not fun. But there are also times that are so unbelievably wonderful that make your heart melt just thinking about them. Well tonight was one of those nights. When I saw Sophi dancing and then running to me when she was done. It just makes it all worth it. This parenting thing is actually pretty cool.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I know that Schlitterbahn sounds like something delicious to eat, well, its not. It is a pretty cool water park that we went to this past weekend. It was pretty fun. We took the kids on some pretty big slides. They were scared and excited all at the same time. In fact, when I took Gabe with me, I couldn't tell if he was crying or laughing. It was a lot of fun though. By the end of the day the kids were pooped. Gabe actually fell asleep while I was holding him on the lazy river. We had all kinds of adventures that day. After the park we went out to eat at Fish Tails (barf my brains out). I don't know if they were just having a bad night or what, but it was just not good. The service and food were just bad. To make a long story short, Carli talked to the manager and we got our entire meal comped. It wasn't what we expected, but we felt it was fair. We left our ungrateful waiter a pretty good tip though. Oh, and while we were waiting to be seated, we went to the pier which happened to be right across the street, and saw someone get saved by the life guards on the beach. It was very "baywatchesque". The guy that they were saving was waving an American flag for some reason. We figured he was just messing around and then got himself in trouble, but luckily for him, he was saved.